The cycle is more than two months

    Ship From Overseas warehouse

    MOQ:20 units

    Can Mix color

    PS:If you purchase 60 rolls, delivery time can be shortened to just over 1 month (extra filament will be included in the package).

    Pre-sale- ERYONE All Series PLA 3D Filament 1kg +FREE SHIPPING(MOQ:20 rolls,can mix color)

    de €12,00

    Some colors in EU are our sub-brand(Cerprise),they are same quality and guareent with Eryone   ERYONE PLA Filament has the advantages of easy printing, low shrinkage, and excellent layer bonding. Applicable...

    Pre-sale ERYONE 1kg (2.2LBS)/Spool 1.75mm Matte Dual-Color PLA Filament for 3D Printers,Accuracy +/- 0.03 mm(MOQ:20 Rolls)


    Neat Winding The PLA threads are arranged neatly, without the risk of knotting that making printing more comfortable. Premium Quality Material wire diameter 1.75mm±0.03mm, ensure smooth output line, vacuum packaging...

    Pre-sale ERYONE ASA 3D-Druckerfilament 1,75 mm, Maßgenauigkeit +/- 0,05 mm, 1 kg (2,2 LBS)/Spule(MOQ:20 Rolls)


    Produktinformationen & technische Details Artikelnummer.: ERYONE ABS Filament Hersteller Nr.: ASA-WHITE/BLACK-B0118002 Hersteller: ERYONE Inhalt: 1.000 kg Durchmesser: 1,75 mm, 2,85 mm Produktarten: ABS Filaments Filamentfarbe: Black, White Reingewicht: 1000 g Empfohlene...

    Pre-sale Filament ABS ERYONE pour imprimante 3D 1.75mm, précision dimensionnelle +/- 0.05 mm 1kg (2.2LBS)/Pool(MOQ:20 Rolls)


    Informations sur les produits et détails techniques N° d'article : Filament ABS ERYONE N° du fabricant : ASA-WHITE/BLACK-B0118002 Fabricants : ERYONE Contenu : 1.000 kg Diamètre : 1,75 mm, 2,85...

    Pre-sale Filament pour imprimante 3D ERYONE 1.75mm TPU, précision dimensionnelle +/- 0.05 mm, 0.5kg (1.1 LB) / Bobine(MOQ:20 Rolls)

    de €10,99

    Notre filament flexible TPU ERYONE est un filament à base de polyuréthane thermoplastique (TPU) dont la propriété la plus remarquable est sa flexibilité. Au-delà de sa flexibilité, le TPU est...

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